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Norton’s Enjoy Your Privacy

This site is a breathe of fresh brilliance. Built in HTML5 with a proprietary Copper framework, Enjoy Your Privacy is an interactive second-screen experience that gives users a view of might happen if their device is unprotected.  As if that weren’t enough, this experience takes us on an incredibly realistic and voyueristic journey inviting us to snoop our way through the characters’ deepest, darkest secrets.

A guilty pleasure not to be missed! Check out the site at: http://www.enjoyyourprivacy.com/


HBO is engaging the extensive online fan base of “Girls” by launching a Snapchat account that shares sneak peeks throughout the season and an Instagram video series that features star Lena Dunham opining about topics through her character’s eyes. The network also is having a cast member…


The Fashion is a product discovery platform that provides users with a simple and powerful way to buy designer brands on sale. Shoppers on The Fashion create their own personalized sale feed by entering size preferences and by following their favorite designers brands, allowing them to buy items on sale from over 1,000 designers across hundreds of stores worldwide.

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What else will you burn?


The latest from Guinness

Pure Brilliance!


Old Spice is back at it again.  

With all of the Pre-game spots this one forces you to hit rewind on the DVR as it exposes a brilliant actionable insight.  

Insight: Helicopter mothers (you know who you are!) get a little creepy when their sons start dating. Its a timeless truth.  

Much has been said and complained about by woman’s advocates  who state that the spot doesn’t reflect the “cool” millennial helicopter moms of this generation.  I would disagree.  No matter how cool, thin and hip you think you are - You sons don’t see you that way and you look creepy when hovering over their texts and transitioning from play dates to kissing dates.

Moms are a creepy - That truth is what makes this spot a brilliant work of art.

Twitter’s video sharing platform, Vine, has launched its web version. This includes everything you’d expect: a home screen, plus the functionality to like, comment and share, as well as a new feature: TV mode. This allows users to view all videos in one, continuous stream.

Via vineapp:


Today, we’re introducing a new way to experience Vine: on the web.

Log in at vine.co to view your home feed and like, comment, and share videos just as you do on our mobile apps. You can also visit your favorite users’ Vine profiles to browse the videos they’ve…

The link between accomplishment and informality, and the power of the hoodie-wearing C.E.O.: http://nyr.kr/1fWMX9T

Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty.

(via newyorker)


Baskt is a frictionless mobile storefront ecommerce platform that allows consumer to discover, purchase and pick-up awesome local finds all on their smartphone seamlessly. The marketplace is curated with verified mission-driven local merchants. Consumers can search the marketplace based on interests or what’s trending around them. Baskt offers a frictionless mobile payment solution bringing the old offline shopping model into the modern day using the mobile phone.

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Wire framing apps. Check them out http://ift.tt/1kflaEj

Beats: “Beats

The 3-minute music video version is for the fans and to promote a new song.

Posyt is a service that allows you to date more than just people. Our first product is a note taking app for iPhone. A proprietary recommendations engine suggests notes that may be relevant to you based on the notes you have already written. Swipe through the suggestions to discover unexpected insights and interesting new people. All the while, you are teaching your customized recommendations engine what matters most to you.

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Seeking innovation? Look for the intersection of physical and digital worlds.

Take, for example, Tesco supermarkets in South Korea.  The company wanted to increase sales without creating more stores.  Tesco understood that Koreans work long hours and have little appetite for shopping at the end of the day so they created virtual grocery stores at subway stations.  These virtual stores, shelves and all, are projected on the walls of subway stations.  To purchase items, shoppers simply go to a Tesco app on a smartphone and scan the projected items’ QR code.  When purchases are completed, the order is delivered to shoppers’ homes shortly after they get home from work.

The Tesco app was downloaded 400,000 times in one month after the launch and Tesco skyrocketed to number one in online sales in Korea.

(via Saul Berman blog, When trying to find innovation, look for the intersection of the physical and digital worlds — Tech News and Analysis)


“My main goal is to change people’s perception of origami. Mostly it’s viewed as a craft, which is often the case. But if you want something to be considered art it has to surpass the mere depiction of something. It has to do more than that.” - This Guy Wants To Fold A Life-Sized Origami Elephant

More> Co.Design 

Origami revealed

H3 from Joanna Pena-Bickley on Vimeo.

The H3 project is now underway. This app is being designed to connect with any bluetooth water bottle or water sensor to track the daily hydration of the user.

View  the project at: http://www.behance.net/wip/364381/692147

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